Loot Crate to offer Limited Edition Mass Effect Andromeda crate

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Are you a big fan of the Mass Effect series and do you like gaming loot, collectibles and memorabilia?  (I know that I do).  Well my fellow pathfinder, you just may very well be in luck.  Loot Crate off mystery boxes across various franchises such as video games, anime, clothing and even pets.  If you pick up a Loot Crate box, you could bag yourself collectibles that you will only find in Loot Crate boxes, from t-shirts, figurines, Funko Pops and items that you never thought you needed until you laid eyes upon them.

All for a reasonable price, whether it is one-off limited edition crates or monthly subscriptions, whatever you’re geeky pleasure; Loot Crate will have something for you, a friend or a loved one.

With the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda just around the corner, a special Limited Edition box has just been announced that I couldn’t wait to share with you.  Loot Crate has partnered with the folks at BioWare to bring us a Mass Effect box that will surely be a must-have for all fans of the series.  While we don’t know what items are included yet (which is the point of these awesome mystery boxes), we know that we’ll find amazing collectibles that we won’t find anywhere else with “100% exclusive products”.

The Mass Effect: Andromeda Limited Edition Crate will have a value of $90+ and you’ll be able to pick up this limited run box for a mere $49.99.  But if like me you live in the UK, then fear not, because if you get in there before stock runs out, you can have the Mass Effect: Andromeda Limited Edition Crate sent out to you for $74.99 (postage included), which works out to be around a modest £60.

If you feel this box is for you, then get in there quick before pre-orders have gone.  You can check out all the official details and sign-up to the Mass Effect: Andromeda box here.

Mass Effect: Andromeda will release for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One from March 21st.