PlayStation 4 shifts an impressive 70 million units worldwide

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Posted December 7, 2017 by Richard Lee Breslin in Announcements, Gaming News, PS4, PS4 Pro, PSVR, Retail, Sony

Sony has announced that since its launch in November 2013, the PlayStation 4 console has sold more than 70.6 million units worldwide.  If this level of sales continues, the PS4 is on course to surpassing the PS3 unit sales of 83.8 million with ease, but has some mileage to go if it wants to beat the PS2’s 155 million unite sales.

Elsewhere, Sony revealed that more than 617.8 million copies of PS4 games have sold physically and digitally, the PSVR has sold more than 2 million units so far and they also stated that 150 titles have released for the virtual reality headset resulting in 12.2 million copies being sold physically and digitally.  All of the sales figures are correct as of December 3rd 2017.

Chairman of Sony Interactive Entertainment; Andrew House had this to say on the sale milestones achieved

We are delighted that so many people are enjoying the unique entertainment proposition of PlayStation 4 and that an emerging technology like PlayStation VR continues to gain traction,” said Andrew House, Chairman of Sony Interactive Entertainment. “I cannot thank our fans and partners enough. Their support, since the launch of very first PlayStation in 1994, has helped to make PlayStation one of the biggest console gaming networks in the world. We will continue to work closely with partners to maintain this momentum and remain steadfast in making PS4 the best place to play.

With increased sales of the PS4 Pro as well as slim units, more than 130 PSVR games to release next year and such titles as God of War, Detroit: Become Human, Shadow of the Colossus and more to look forward too, Sony’s success in the console market in 2018 could prove to be an even better year for the company.