Ghostbusters is Coming to Planet Coaster: Console Edition

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Ghostbusters is coming to Planet Coaster: Console Edition later this month, along with a second DLC pack.

The Ghostbusters DLC will feature brand new story-driven scenarios and will even lend the voice talents of Dan Aykroyd (Ray Stanz) and William Atherton (Walter Peck).  The DLC will include all four iconic characters as well as the ECTO-1, the HQ, Slimer, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and Spook Central.


We’ll also get two Ghostbusters-themed rides such as the Slimer coaster and The Ghostbusters Experience where your guests can ride the ECTO-1 and zap ghosts for points.

Additionally, the Studio Pack will come bundled with over 90 blueprints, new pieces of scenery, construction pieces, and three new rides.  The new rides include the Big Screen Tour, Re-Motion, and Horror Heights.

The Ghostbusters DLC (£12.99/$14.99/€14.99) and the Studio Pack (£7.99/$9.99/€9.99)will release for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S n April 29th.

In our review of Planet Coaster: Console Edition I said that it: “is the definitive theme park experience on the console.