Zelda Breath of the Wild first expansion pass content detailed

The first DLC pack for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been detailed.  DLC Pack 1 named The Master Trials will include a survival mode entitled Trial of the Sword with over 45 rooms and 100’s of enemies to clear, arming Link with no armour or weapons and if you are successful, you will be rewarded with your Master Sword maintaining its “true power” throughout the campaign (though it can still break, however it will maintain its upgraded powers).

Also, a new map feature named Hero’s Path Mode will highlight the areas of the huge map in which you have spent most of your time, as well as highlighting locations yet to be explored and those of key interest.  For a game is huge as Breath of the Wild, this could be a very handy feature indeed.  It’s just a shame that this wasn’t available at launch, because it will come in handy right now.

Hard Mode will do pretty much exactly what it says on the tin by ramping up the games difficulty significantly, such as attacks, as well as giving some health regeneration  to enemies if not disposed of quickly enough and being able to spot link more easily.  However, there will be some added treasure to acquire up in the skies for all your troubles.

A Travel Medallion feature will also be added, which will enable you to register your current location on the map and use that pinpoint as a temporary fast travel location.  Though you can only add one location at a time using the Travel Medallion.

Finally a number of outfits and armour pieces that featured in previous games in the series will be added and while all but one is cosmetic, they do look pretty cool (as seen below).  However, the Korok Mask does have a use, as it will shake whenever Link is near a hidden Korok location.  All outfits will be hidden in treasure chests across the map.

The Master Trials DLC Pack will arrive this summer for Nintendo Switch and Wii U expansion pass holders and all the additional content can only be picked-up by purchasing this pass, but with an RRP of £17.99/$19.99, it seems to offer fair value.  The second and final DLC Pack will release towards the end of this year.

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