Clock Tower Is Getting A Spiritual Successor & This Is What We Think

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Posted January 5, 2015 by Haris Iqbal in Apple, Gaming News, iPad, iPhone, Mac, Mobile, News, PS Vita, Trailers, Videos


The bone chilling world of Clock Tower will continue to haunt fans yet again with its new spiritual successor, Night Cry. Night Cry was originally in development as Project Scissors, as announced during Tokyo Game Show.

What we have got at the moment is a live -action teaser trailer that paints quite a few clues as to what might be present in the final game. First of all this might actually be in-game, something along the lines of the PSP Mini title, Hysteria. For those of you that do not know, Hysteria was live-action title and you were basically making choices as to how it played out. It was pretty much an interactive live-action movie if you will.



Now there is a chance this might follow suit, but we are not sure yet, as gameplay details have not been revealed. Now moving onto the “spiritual successor” part, just how much connected is this to the previous game. If the sinister scissors seen in the teaser are any indication, one of the villains of this game might wield a ghastly variation of the iconic scissors as his weapon.

Lastly, there is footage in the teaser of a woman and the little boy shouting for his mom, the little boy might be the protagonist in this game and the story might deal with him trying to find or save his mother. Again, this is all mere speculation, so we have to wait for concrete details to surface before confirming anything.


What might interest a lot of people is that the director of Ju-on, Takashi Shimizu will be working alongside the returning Clock Tower director Hifumi Kono. However, the most interesting additions to this project are the extremely talented composer and designer. The composer is none other than Nobuko Toda and the designer is the very father of Pyramid Head, Masahiro Ito. That is right, the widely acclaimed designer and art director of Silent Hill.

Unfortunately on the other hand, what might turn some people off are the platforms announced. For you see, this is going to be on the PS Vita, Android and iOS, rather than the powerful new consoles we have at the moment. In fact it hasn’t even been announced for the previous generation either, so even if it does show up for them later on, it will probably just be a port rather than something that would make intensive use of the technology afforded.

But then, if it really is a spiritual successor, it will be a point and click game which should work quite well on touch enabled portable devices, especially the PS Vita, which allows extra flexibility afforded by physical controls. Still, we have to wait and see as to what this project will entail and how it will perform on the popular portable devices. For now, just check out the spine tingling teaser above.