Pokemon Sleep is an app that listens while you snooze

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pokemon sleep

Credit: Nintendo/The Pokemon Company

During the Pokemon Direct evet, we were introduced to the Pokemon Sleep app for Android and iOS.

Essentially, Pokemon Sleep is an app that tracks your sleep patters. If you have the app active on your mobile at your bedside while you sleep, it will let you know whether or not you’re having a good nights sleep.

The app will then analysis the data and depending on sleep patters, it will assign you a suitable Pokemon as well as unlocking Pokemon poses, some of which will be more rare then others. The app you monitor the various stages of dozing, snoozing and slumbering.

What’s more, Pokemon Sleep will also be compatible with the new Pokemon Go Plus+, an upgrade to the previous Pokemon Go Plus (PokeBall). This device will embody the spirit of Pickacu and will even sing you a creepy lullaby.


It will also catch Pokemon and spin PokeStops while on your travels playing PokemonGo. Furthermore, you can even unlock an exclusive Snorlax with a pyjama hat.

As for when Pokemon Sleep and the Pokemon Go Plus+ will be released, when can expect the app to launch around the Summer this year and the Go Plus+ in July.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo/The Pokemon Company