Until Dawn: Rush of Blood – Bringing terror to life in VR


One of the most anticipated games to capitalise on the PSVR will be Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.  This on-the-rails arcade influenced shooter will bring some of Until Dawn’s most terrifying moments into the world of virtual reality on the PS4.

But what tricks of the trade will the developers at Supermassive Games be utilising?  Thankfully a developer diary video has been released to help us further understand the world of Until Dawn on the PSVR.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood will be a launch title with the PSVR on October 13th.  You can also read our review of the main; Until Dawn here.


until-dawn-rush-of-blood-screens-1 until-dawn-rush-of-blood-screens-2 until-dawn-rush-of-blood-screens-3

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PlayStation VR Launch Titles – Part 5 | PushStartPlay October 13, 2016 at 9:29 AM

[…] Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is the second game being made by Supermassive Games for the launch of PSVR and it is definitely different compared to Tumble VR. Based on the popular survival horror game, Until Dawn, the game is a horror based on rails shooter. It’ll have jump scares and definitely be fun to play but, much like all on rail shooters, may lack depth. You can read our previous coverage of the game here. […]


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