Creative Announces New Super X-Fi Audio Tech at #CES2020

Posted January 7, 2020 by Richard Lee Breslin in CES, Earbuds, Gaming News, Headsets, Peripherals

Creative has revealed some new technology at this week’s CES 2020.  First up a new profile was announced for your Creative Super X-Fi devices with the Fi Gen2 profile, an evolution of the Super X-Fi audio profile.  This will further customise your experience so that your Creative devices will be further tailored to you, like never before.

The devices you can look forward to which will take full advantage of the Super X-Fi Gen2 profile will be the Creative SXFI Carrier soundbar, the SXFI TRIO triple-driver in-ear headphones, the Aurvana Trio Wireless headphones and more.

Additionally, a brand new headphone was also announced with the SXFI Gamer Headphone, which will also make use of the Super X-Fi Gen2 profile.  This headphone is created with the pro gamer in mind, especially for those that play first-person-shooters.  This headphone is said to optimise “environmental imaging, audio cues, distance projection and directionality are all enhanced for the competitive gamers’ benefit.

The SXFI Gamer Headphone will be connected via a USB, feature comfortable leather earpads, a top-quality mic and features an integrated pop filter, which will remove unnecessary ambient sound, reduce noise, offering a more refined, natural sounding audio.

Vice President of Technology at Creative and the inventor of the Super X-Fi had this to say on the benefits that the Creative tech brings to all gamers alike “Audio design for gaming realism in first-person-shooter games has a different approach, for example as compared to the realism of a movie. So that presented a challenge when working on a Super X-Fi sound for gaming, but our expertise and experience have put us in good stead. Since the earliest days of Sound Blaster more than 30 years ago, we have had a long history of working on games, and have a deep understanding of optimizing audio performance for various game types.

Hopefully we’ll get our hands on the SXFI Gamer Headphone to review when it releases.  However in the meantime, you can check out our review of some of the current products from Creative below.

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