Pokémon Go Update Will Introduce Remote Raids from Home and More

Posted April 16, 2020 by Richard Lee Breslin in Android, Apple, Gaming News, Mobile

Since Convid-19 aka the Coronavirus pandemic has swept through our lives, the developers at Niantic have made a lot of changes for their social mobile game Pokémon Go, to insure that players can still make the most of the game, despite quarantines and the latest update is quite possibly the biggest change yet.

Arriving in the very near future via an update will be Remote Raids, which in a nutshell means that you’ll be able to take part in Raids from the comfort of your own home, without actually going to the Raid’s location.  Raids, (along with Pokémon) that appear in the sightings/nearby section of the Pokémon Go screen, means that if you can see a Raid, you can take part in that Raid.

However, you will need a Remote Raid Pass to participate, but they will be available via an upcoming 1 PokéCoin bundle via the shop.  You’ll only be able to hold a certain number of Remote Raid Passes at any one time and once you’ve taken advantage of the 1 PokéCoin bundle, they will be available at 100 PokéCoins, which is a fair price, after all, Niantic are a business after all.  Only a certain number of players can remote Raid, so it won’t be the maximum number of 20, we don’t know what the exact number will be, but we’ll find out soon enough.

Additionally, you’ll also be able to earn a bonus Field Research Task, without having to go out to spin a PokéStop and even if you have your three Research Task slots full, you will get a bonus fourth slot.  You’ll also be able to earn some bonus coins from daily tasks, something that was only really possible by taking over Gyms.  Of late, Niantic have also been offering bundles for just 1 PokéCoin with a number of Pokéball’s, Berries and more.  However with the upcoming update, your Buddy will venture to nearby PokéStops to grab you some additional bonus goodies.

Other quality of life improvements including being able to power-up your Pokémon by multiple levels with Candy and Stardust, rather than powering-up them one top-up at a time.  I assume you’ll be able to power-up your Pokémon multiple levels via some form of slider mechanic.  Additionally, you’ll also be able to stack items such as Star Pieces, Lucky Eggs and Incense, so no waiting 30 minutes at a time to re-activate each one.  This alone will be very handy on Community Days, because I am always forgetting to active a new Lucky Egg or Star Piece once the 30 minutes have expired.

Finally, Pokémon Go will also have some visual improvements such as the way in which the health bar will be displayed, as well as a list of Pokémon types moves detailing whether or not they’ll be Super Effective or Not Very Effective, and you will also be able to receive notifications when new items and boxes become available via the shop.

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