Accessory Review: Gioteck TX-50 Headset is One of the Best Bargains this Year

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I’ve been reviewing the Gioteck TX-50 Headset and at the time of receiving the product had an RRP of just £29.99, but if you shop around especially during sales, you should be able to pick-up this bargain of a headset for far less.

However over time prices may of course differ by the time you read this, but even at the full £29.99 the TX-50 is well worth the price with or without a discount.

This headset is fully compatible with multiple platforms including the PlayStation 5.  While I don’t own a PS5, the packaging, press release and retail listings all advertise that this headset is fully compatible with the next-gen console.  While any of the listings do not currently state Xbox Series X|S, I’d find it to be surprising if it wasn’t compatible, but that’s just a guess on my part.


At home I have extensively been testing the TX-50 headset on multiple platforms including PS4, Xbox One, PC and mobile.  The headset also works on the Nintendo Switch, better in-fact then some of my other pricier headsets that I own.

One headset in particular is advertised to be used with the Switch, however the volume dial control only works if you connect that headset to the Switch via USB and will not work fully while in the audio jack.  When you connect the TX-50 to the Nintendo Switch via the audio jack, the volume dial works as it would on all the other platforms that I tested.

In terms of how the headset feels, nothing about it feels budget, in-fact it feels of a high quality the moment you take it out of the box.  The quality texture of the headset is down to the soft, rubberised finish which oddly makes it feel very comfortable when in hand.

Then when you’re wearing the TX-50 it feels even more comfortable thanks to the super soft Alacantara cushions which helps reduce sweat which helps a lot during extended gameplay sessions.  I can hand-on-heart say that this is one of the most comfortable headsets that I own, including those that are more expensive.

In terms of audio quality while it’s not at the top-end of the market which is expected at the low budget price, the 50mm high impact drivers helps to hear added audio quality especially when it comes to background audio.

The flexible metal mic also offers clear audio so that you can be heard when chatting with your friends to a near crystal clear level.

The headset that I am reviewing is the white version which perfectly matches the design of the PS5.  However this particular colour headset can be purchased via Argos in the UK.

If you’re not too fussed about owning the TX-50 in white you can also pick-up the headset in black, which is the exact same headset other than being in a different colour from Argos or at GAME.

When I initially received this headset to review just by looking at it before taking it out of the box I assumed this was at least a £50 headset, especially when I felt the feel of the quality texture.  So the fact that you can pick-up a version of this headset less than £30 (and much less in the sales) is great value and one of the best bargains that you’ll get this year.  So if you’re after a fantastic gaming headset on a budget price look no further then the TX-50!