AEW Announces Three New Video Games for 2021

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Pro Wrestling promotion All Elite Wrestling has announced three wrestling videos games to be released by 2021.

The main entry of the three will be the console game that is developed with the spirit of N64 classic WWF No Mercy in mind.

In-fact AEW Games wants to capture that No Mercy spirit so much that they’ve hired WWF No Mercy director Hideyuki Iwashita to help develop the console game.

The main development team working on the console video game will be Yukes who developed the WWE series of video games for many years before being dropped from the license last year.

To announce the news the “Best Bout Machine” Kenny Omega took to the stage dressed as Steve Jobs to reveal a trailer that featured Omega, Chris Jericho and Shida.  The AEW console video game will release current and “next-gen” platforms.

AEW Games also announced two other games, AEW Elite GM which is a mobile game that will allow you to assume the role of general manager to release in 2021.  You will manage everything from the roster, matches, finances and more.

The third game announced is AEW Casino: Double or Nothing which is an AEW-branded mobile casino game and it releases “this winter”.

Below I’ll include the console trailer and the full presentation.

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