Aliens: Colonial Marines Comes Out And Face-hugs Us All

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Posted February 26, 2010 by Marshall in PC, PS3, Xbox 360


Just when we thought it was safe to partake in some more Xenomorph excitements at our new employer Weyland -Yutani, someone had to go and let one of the little buggers out again.

Aliens: Colonial Marines (No Predators in this one) you know the other Alien game Sega has been working on with the 4 player CO-OP shooter developed by Gearbox who made Borderlands? Well Randy Pitchford of Gear box had this to say:

“We have an Aliens game with Sega and 20th Century Fox which we’re really excited about,” he told MCV. “It’s the thing I’ve been stealing from all my career. Now I’m really working on it, but we’ve been quiet about that so far.”

Furthermore, its the success of the recent 2K Games hit ‘Borderlands’ that seems to have slowed progress on the project.

“Borderlands took over Gearbox,” he added. “We had so much fun working on that and when we finished we wanted to carry on. And the DLC – we’ve launched two so far and there’s a third to come which take us to a new level in every way.”

Can’t be any worse than AVP.