Battlefield 2042 Is Looking To Enable Cross-Play Multiplayer

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Posted July 15, 2021 by Richard Lee Breslin in Gaming News, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

Credit: EA/DICE

In a Battlefield 2042 blog post, it has been revealed that EA and DICE are looking to enable cross-play multiplayer.

While a final decision hasn’t been made yet, EA and DICE are exploring the prospect of cross-play and will experiment with the feature in a Technical Playtest this summer.

The Playtest will be for a “few thousand participants”, which sounds like a lot, but when you’re talking worldwide, it’s only a small number. An Open Beta will then launch at a later date.

To register your interest in the Technical Playtest, it will be under a strict NDA, and you will have to sign-up to EA Playtesting. If you’re already signed up, then you may have to update your details. A place in the test isn’t guaranteed, and if you’re selected, EA will contact you.

Judging by the information on the blog post, the cross-play Technical Playtest will be separate from each generation. So, for example, PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S will be tested in one pool. While PS4 and Xbox One will be testing in another. Console players can also opt out from playing against PC players.


Credit: EA/DICE

EA and DICE are also looking into cross-progression and cross-commerce. This means that all your progression, unlocks and paid-for content will carry over between the PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms.

Furthermore, there are loads of other interesting details on the blog post. For example, there will be 7 multiplayer maps at launch. Which perhaps doesn’t sound like a lot, but the maps of Battlefield 2042 are likely to be quite large and dense, so 7 maps in Battlefield 2042 might feel bigger than 7 maps in another FPS. There will however be a continuation of new maps added in the future.

In the blog post, they also mentioned that not all levels of a skyscraper will be accessible, however, we can expect lobby and rooftop combat, both of which can be accessed via elevators and ziplines.


Credit: EA/DICE

The reason that all levels won’t be accessible in a skyscraper (other than being a very demanding mechanic) is that a Skyscraper “would be an entire map of its own, this prevents detracting from the rest of the map.

You can read up on more details on Battlefield 2042 via the blog post here. I don’t know about you, but I’m extremely excited to play this game.

Battlefield 2042 will release for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on October 22nd.

Featured Image Credit: EA/DICE