BioWare has made Loads of Improvements to Mass Effect Legendary Edition

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Posted April 7, 2021 by Richard Lee Breslin in Gameplay, Gaming News, PC, PS4, Xbox One

BioWare has detailed loads of the improvements that have been made to Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

The details were revealed on the PlayStation Blog, which shows that the Mass Effect Legendary Edition isn’t just a simple HD visual makeover.

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition includes the three original games from the trilogy remastered in all their glory and then some.

Other than visual improvements from an increased resolution, improved textures, a smoother framerate, and faster loading times, and various quality of life gameplay improvements have also been made.

For starters, Commander Shepard can now sprint out of combat, something that wasn’t possible previously and melee combat has been mapped to a single press of the button.

There are loads of seemingly simple gameplay elements that I had totally forgotten that weren’t present, at least in the original Mass Effect.

For example, enemies will now take relevant headshot damage in the first game.  Weapon accuracy and handling have been improved, as well as weapon sway from sniper rifles and even the aiming down sights has been improved upon.

Other improvements have been made to ability balancing, the cover system has been made to be more reliable, controls have been fine-tuned, and much more.  As you might expect, all three games in the collection will be accessible via the menu hub and there will also be new Achievements/Trophies for all you hunters out there.

You can read up on further details over on the PlayStation Blog.

To get an added visual insight, IGN has put together a handy preview video that compares the original Mass Effect games to the remasters.  You can find that very video below.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition releases for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on May 14th.  It will also be backward compatible on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.