#E32017 FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Legends Multiplatform, Alex Hunter is back and first gameplay and Switch details

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Here is all the FIFA 18 news to come out of E3 including Ultimate Team, Alex hunter and the first gameplay trailer for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Noticeably in the trailer is of course the main cover star Christiano Ronaldo showing of his motion captures as the game comes to life with what is certain gameplay and graphics enhancements. FIFA 17 is a tittle that lacked that flair and didn’t look much different from FIFA 16. One thing we can all agree on, the crowd finally looks like a crowd!


EA Sports are yet to reveal all of the players that will be included in this years edition of Legends, but EA have revealed 4 more players along with the already announced Ronaldo Nazario.

These being:

• Pele
• Diego Maradona
• Lev Yashin
• Thierry Henry


FIFA 17 brought a different mode to mix with a lot of people a bit unsure. The mode was FIFA’s take on a story mode and followed a player called Alex Hunter in “The Journey”. The Journey was an excellent mode and I am sure a lot of other FIFA players will be happy see Alex return and what appears to be a more in depth “media oriented” view as Alex progresses further through his carer.

FIFA 18 will be coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in September.

FIFA Nintendo Switch

As expected EA is cutting it short with the Nintendo Switch version with a few noticeable differences in comparison to the PS4/Xbox One and PC versions of the title.  It will, however, be using a completely custom engine for Switch, not Frostbite, not Ignite, an engine built specifically for the Switch. The switch version will include the 3D crowds, grass, new lighting, and Fifa Ultimate Team, with no Champions mode. You can buy packs and manage your team the same as the PS4/XOne and PC version.  Surprisingly, 60 FPS, but will lack the atmosphere effects and crowd animations due to those features being specific for the Frostbite engine.  No Journey mode also due to that being built in the Frostbite engine.  Switch owners might be happy with the edition they get and to be able to play a FIFA title on the go will please a lot of players, the missing features however and not using the Frostbite engine is concerning.

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