Far Cry 4’s Kyrat Edition Gets An Unboxing Video

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Posted October 18, 2014 by Haris Iqbal in Gaming News, News, PC, PS3, PS4, Trailers, Unboxing, Videos, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Ubisoft was kind enough to release an unboxing video for the Kyrat edition of Far Cry 4 giving an insight as to what exactly is in that box.  Included in the Kyrat edtion, you’ll find:

  • 20cm figurine of the despotic pagan min seated on his elephant throne
  • Travel journal to record your own adventures
  • Propaganda poster
  • Game map of the expansive open world, and
  • Hurk’s redemption DLC which includes three extra missions and a unique unlockable weapon, the impaler harpoon gun!

In my opinion I believe that for limited edition’s such as this, we should be given a much better insight and physical look at its contents rather than just a computer generated version, but thankfully we don’t have long to wait until launch to see for ourselves.

Far Cry 4 follows the story of Ajay Ghale as he returns to his ancestral land in order to fulfil his mother’s dying wish. Little does he know, the devil himself is waiting to welcome him… Pagan Min. The game will be out on the 18th of November for the PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360.