Fenix Rage Announces Release Platforms

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Posted May 29, 2014 by Adam Graham in Announcements, Gaming News, Mac, PC, PS4, Xbox One


Green Lava Studios, the two-man development studio based in Costa Rica, made a lot of gamers take notice when they showed off their new 2D indie platformer Fenix Rage at PAX East 2014 back in April. Now those same gamers can get excited because they’ve finally announced which platforms you’ll be able to play it on when Fenix Rage is released later this year.

For those unaware of the game, Fenix Rage is a frenetically-paced 2D platformer bursting with flashy style and will instantly remind most people of Super Meat Boy. Similar to that title, Fenix Rage will test player’s skills to the max, examining their ability to run, jump, and dash though maze after maze filled with dangerous and deadly obstacles. Oh, and you’re promised cookies. Lots and lots of cookies. You’ll find yourself tracking down an evil villain, slaying countless enemies and trying to beat your friends on the leaderboard all to the music of a retro-inspired soundtrack

If this sounds like your thing then check out the screenshots below. Expected for release in fall 2014, Fenix Ragewill be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4. PC and Mac via Steam.