Half-Life Alyx is rumoured for PS VR2

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Posted October 7, 2022 by Richard Lee Breslin in Gaming News, PC, PS4, PS5, Rumour
half life alyx

Credit: Valve

Half-Life Alyx is rumoured to come to PS VR2. If this is true, it could be a massive incentive to pick up Sony’s upcoming shiny new VR headset.

At this time, Half-Life Alyx is only available for top-end PC VR headsets. It’s the main reason why so many fans haven’t been able to play this prequel. Instead, fans were hoping that the next big Half-Life game would be playable by more conventional means. But it is what it is.

However, if Half-Life Alyx does come to PS VR2, at least it would be another avenue in which fans might be able to experience this critically acclaimed entry. Though, I’m still hoping that we’ll get a more traditional release or even Half-Life 3. So, you know, we can actually conclude the trilogy?

As reported by The Leak (thanks Push Square), Half-Life Alyx’s arrival on PS VR2 is only a rumour. So, at this time, we should take the speculation with a pinch of salt.

Our source has told us that Sony were in negotiations with Valve about Half-Life: Alyx for a long time before reaching a settlement,” reported The Leak.

Sony’s PS VR2 will launch for PlayStation 5 early next year. At the time of writing, PS VR2 doesn’t have a firm release date or price.

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Featured Image Credit: Valve/Source: Push Square via The Leak