Here’s Our First Look Gameplay From AEW Video Game

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Credit: AEW Games/Yukes

Yesterday we got our first look from a gameplay perspective of the AEW video game developed by Yukes.

The gameplay was teased during the fourth episode of the AEW Games Show on the AEW Games YouTube channel hosted by Aubrey Edwards and Allie Bunny.

The gameplay was very brief, to say the least, but it at least gave us a better indication of what to expect. We first saw an impressive character model of AEW star Darby Allin, before seeing some in-ring action against a generic bot. The gameplay begins at around 8:08 into the video.


No release date has been given for the AEW video games, as the game will release when it’s ready. However, we do know that it will be released for PC and consoles.

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Featured Image Credit: Yukes/AEW Games