Here’s The Full Gameplay Reveal For Sonic Frontiers, I Have Mixed Feelings

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sonic frontiers

Credit: SEGA/Team Sonic

The full gameplay reveal for Sonic Frontiers has been presented by IGN First, and I have mixed feelings.

It’s not the fact that Sonic Frontiers reminds me a lot of Breath of the Wild, I appreciate that Team Sonic is trying something new. Well, at least for the Sonic series.

Sonic Frontiers looks gorgeous, easily the best looking Sonic game ever. Its visuals look very realistic, almost too realistic. That’s where my mixed feelings come into play.

Watching the gameplay reveal with my 11-year old son, he explained my concerns the best. Simply put, the environment looks too realistic, next to the cartoon(ish) Sonic. It kind of makes Sonic look out of place.

sonic frontiers

Credit: SEGA/Team Sonic

The second issue as concurred by my son is that while the open-world environment looks gorgeous, we have concerns that it might be too much of an open playground, with not a lot of substance. Sure, it looks fun, but the gameplay reveal showed no real direction.

Giving Sonic Frontiers the benefit of the doubt, story details are being hidden to avoid spoilers, so I appreciate that. However, by the time Sonic Frontiers releases towards the end of the year, hopefully, the world will have more depth and direction than what is showcased in this gameplay reveal.

That being said, I can’t help but think how awesome a Sonic game would be with this level of visuals portrayed in a classic 2D Sonic the Hedgehog game.

What are your thoughts on the gameplay reveal? Let us know across our social media channels. Sonic Frontiers will be released at the end of this year for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Featured Image Credit: SEGA/Team Sonic