Just Cause 2 Demo Launch Gets Announced

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Posted February 26, 2010 by Marshall in PC, PS3, Xbox 360

20061017-just cause
Today Square Enix London & Europe has announced that an “Incredible Action Packed” demo will be releasing on March 4th 2010.
If you didn’t also know that Edios is now apart of Square Enix London. The demo will let you endure into some of the free roam and some combat.

When ever the word combat is mentioned Mark instantly shouts out random quotes from Mortal Kombat.


jc2_3d_oring_x360 (1)
Not much info has been released about a US demo launch date or the rest of the world but we assume it will be around the same time!

Keep checking back to the site for more details
Below is the “”Fire Truck vs Jet” Trailer