NACON Brings Forth its Latest PS4 Pro Controller!

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Posted October 30, 2019 by Kamil in Gaming News, News, PC, PS4


Bada bnig, bada boom, newest controller in the room – as Nacon returns with the next iteration of the wired Revolution Pro controller. Namely Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3, which has just hit the market, in time for those long, and winded Call of Duty: Modern Warfare sessions.

The controller in question retails anywhere between £90, and £105, and just like its predecessors sports PlayStation branding, due to its Sony Interactive Entertainment product licence. But it can only be acquired in specific markets, and those include: Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, and India.

As things stand, the global reach of the Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3, is rather limited. But its three-meter-long USB-C cable, allows you to play at ease, even across the room from your TV. And the weight compartments, allow you to adjust the feel on the go.

If you are Sony Pony, you may be upset due to the fact that Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3 sports asymmetric analogue stick layout, meaning that the left stick and the d-pad, are in opposite positions, to where you would find them on a standard PlayStation Dual Shock controller.

While many PlayStation players may dislike the placing of the sticks, then they will certainly welcome the four, mappable back buttons, which allow you to free your hands during gameplay, and aim and fire at ease, without having to remove your fingers from the sticks. Lastly, Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3 also sports PC and MAC support. However, due to PlayStation partnership such hasn’t been tested to its fullest extent, so be wary of the fact that it may not function on PC, as well as it does on PlayStation 4.

Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3, is available right now, and can be purchased from private retailers, as well as directly from Nacon itself. If you are looking for reviews or first impressions, then stay tuned, because we will have a set of both on our site in not too far removed future.

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