Remedy Working on Alan Wake 2, Claims Report

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Posted April 2, 2021 by Richard Lee Breslin in Gaming News, PC, PS5, Report, Rumour, Xbox Series X

According to recent reports, Control developer Remedy Entertainment is working on Alan Wake 2.

Rumours and reports of an Alan Wake 2 are nothing new.  We’ve covered this story so many times in recent years; I’m starting to think of it as the new Half-Life 3.

However, ever since Remedy released the second expansion for Control with AWE, which starred none other than Alan Wake and tied both the Control and Alan Wake universes together so well, a sequel to the title in question seems more likely than ever.

The latest reports come from Jeff Grubb of VentureBeat, who I’ve covered quite a lot in recent months on another website that I write for and I’ve come to think of him as being quite a reliable source.

Now while there seems to be no information that currently backs up his claims, Grubb did say on a recent episode of his Game Mess Show that he’s heard that Remedy is working on Alan Wake 2 and it’s one of the studios Epic-funded projects.

Obviously, there isn’t much to go by other than the word of Jeff Grubb, but who knows; perhaps Alan Wake 2 or a remaster of the original game might happen one day.

In my review of Control, we said: “Control is most certainly a game worthy of your time and I doubt that you’ll play a better thriller shrouded by mystery this year.