Resident Evil 9 rumours have leaked, apparently

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Credit: Capcom

Resident Evil 9 rumours have leaked, despite Capcom not yet confirming its existence. However, they must be taken with a pinch of salt.

The rumours posted on 4chan claim that the working title is Resident Evil Apocalypse, which of course has the same name as the 2004 Paul W.S Anderson movie. However, if this title is true, it’s a working title and I would be shocked if this ends up being its final name.

It’s claimed that the game will be set “in a ghost town in the west where a certain investigation will take place.” This location is incredibly vague, as it could be any region west of Asia. It’s also said that the location will feature a small town with outdoor settings such as caves and campsites. The map is also claimed to feature a dark, unsettling forest in which players could easily get lost in.

Credit: Capcom

The creatures in the game are said to be inspired by mythological creatures. Considering that RE Village had werewolves, witches and vampires, this aspect isn’t a far stretch to believe. Some of the creatures are said to be referred to as Goatman and Wendigo. So perhaps we might see half-human, half-animal monsters.

Much of the horror is claimed to have a “huge emphasis on body horror”, so expect horrible mutations and perhaps even Total Recall chest monsters. Like seriously, that thing from the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger movie still freaks me out!

Some of the enemies are also said to mimic humans not only in appearance but by voice too. It’s said that these enemies will pretend to be friendly, but will have evil intentions. This instantly gave me The Thing vibes from the cult classic 1982 movie by John Carpenter. Interestingly, it’s claimed that the mimics will take over NPCs that the player did not see die.

Credit: Capcom

The leaks also mention an early boss called Barghest that is like a “giant black dog with a twist.” So, could this be similar to the large werewolf creature in RE Village known as “Varcolac”?

Another enemy/character mentioned is a female protagonist called “Glaistig”. She is described as a “really beautiful design with green and gold ornaments and mourning green gown,” and another woman/”bioweapon” character that acts as a guide to the player. It is also claimed that both female characters are feared by other monsters in the game.

Furthermore, when I looked up the name “Glaistig”, according to a wiki post, she is a ghost of Scottish mythology. So, if these rumours are true and the game is set in the west, could it be set in the UK?

Credit: Capcom

According to the wiki post mentioned earlier, Glaistig: “is a ghost from Scottish mythology, a type of fuath. It is also known as maighdean uaine (Green Maiden) and may appear as a woman of beauty or monstrous mien, as a half-woman and half-goat similar to a faun or satyr, or in the shape of a goat.

The lower goat half of her hybrid form is usually disguised by a long, flowing green robe or dress, and the woman often appears grey with long yellow hair. A sighting of the Glaistig is rare, but the loud cries and wails would often be heard.

To conclude the rumours, it is also claimed that the player will be able to barricade doors, as well as lock them and force some open. There will also apparently be breakable weapons. Finally, the theme of RE9 is said to centre around the “9th moon phase” that can bring forth the end of the world, hence the codename “apocalypse.

Credit: Capcom

These rumours are unconfirmed, so we should take them with a massive pinch of salt. It’s also worth keeping in mind that considering that the next game in this franchise is releasing in March 2023 with the RE4 remake, the release of RE9 will be at least two years away.

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