Shakedown Hawaii Gets Release and Gameplay Update

It’s been a while since we’ve heard any news on Shakedown Hawaii, the successor to Retro City Rampage from VBlank Entertainment.  But today we’ve not only learned some new gameplay details, but also a new release window.

In the gameplay video seen below and via a blog post, we learned that Shakedown Hawaii will have three playable protagonists.  We will be able to play as the CEO, his son who is a DJ and finally the CEO’s “right-hand man” the Consultant.  In its 16-bit open-world, you’ll be able to purchase business or shake them down for dirty cash, but be warned, if you push those small-time shopkeepers, some are known to fight back!  Of course, the more businesses you acquire, whether it be legal or illegal, gaining cash and power is what it’s all about.

Just about everything in this 16-bit open-world is destructible and will stay in rubble form until you decide to re-spawn them.  You’ll be able to explore the city streets, the suburbs, the beach, jungles, farms and much more.  Shakedown Hawaii will also feature more than 200 enterable buildings and you’ll be able to explore its world on foot, by car or byboat.  You can customise your characters image by purchasing clothes and accessories, as well as giving them a haircut if you wish and even give your favourite vehicles a new lick of paint and upgrades.

In addition, Shakedown Hawaii will feature three main modes, the Story Mode, Arcade Challenges and Free Roam Mode.  Finally, as long as we get no further delays, Shakedown Hawaii is set to release sometime during Q1 2019 for PC, PS4, PS Vita, Nintendo Switch and 3DS.  At this time there is currently no Xbox One platform release, but I’m sure it will release on that format at some point.

You can enjoy the new overview gameplay video below and you can read further details on Shakedown Hawaii via the official blog post.

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