Silent Hill: Ascension officially revealed with gameplay trailer

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Posted June 1, 2023 by Richard Lee Breslin in Gaming News, Mobile, PC
Silent Hill Ascension
Credit: Konami

Konami has officially revealed Silent Hill: Ascension with a creepy (ish) gameplay trailer.

Announced during Konami’s Silent Hill showcase event back in October 2022, all we knew about Ascension was that it was a “streamer-friendly” game. However, we now have a glimpse at what the game will look like in action.

Silent Hill: Ascension will be developed by Genvid Technologies in collaboration with Bad Robot Games and Behaviour Interactive (Dead by Daylight). The latter of which might give us a great indication as to what to expect from this game.

The story of Silent Hill: Ascension is somewhat vague at this time, but it is said to be shaped by its audience as it is an “interactive streaming series”. 

Gameplay will be rendered in real-time and will go live later this year as part of the “canonical part of the Silent Hill universe”. However, the canon part doesn’t give me much confidence, as that could also mean corporate lingo to lure in fans of a franchise.

According to Genvid CEO, Jacob Novak, this title is not a ‘choose your own adventure’ similar to the games of Telltale Games. But viewers will tune in “to save characters who are reacting to the audience’s input in real-time.”

As a massive Silent Hill fan, the more I learn about this game, the more it turns me off. I’m all for new ideas, but this appears to stray so far away from the Silent Hill franchise, it’s barely recognisable to Konami’s classic survival horror brand.

Furthermore, I find the gameplay trailer to be underwhelming and the monsters look to be very generic and to the legendary standards of the original trilogy. Though to be fair, Silent Hill lost its way many years ago. Still, I suppose we can pin our hopes on the Silent Hill 2 remake from Bloober Team, right?

I hate to be negative and I often look for positives in most situations, but I’m seriously struggling with Silent Hill: Ascension. That being said, I hope it proves my doubts wrong and it ends up being a fantastic game. I just won’t be holding my breath.

Silent Hill: Ascension will go “live” when it streams via later in 2023.

Featured Image Credit: Konami