The Quarry Was Reportedly Once A Google Stadia Exclusive

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the quarry

Credit: Supermassive Games

According to a report from, The Quarry was originally meant to be a Google Stadia exclusive.

Thankfully, the latest hit from Supermassive Games did not launch on Google’s failed platform. In fact, it was never even released on Stadia at all. Instead, it launched for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Axios claims to have been informed by “two sources familiar” with the development of The Quarry. They claim it was supposed to be a Stadia exclusive before the rights were picked up by 2k.

Back in 2020, Google Stadia announced that they had signed a partnership with Supermassive Games to bring exclusive titles to the platform. Despite those games never arriving, it does fall in line with the report by Axios.

In my review of The Quarry, I said: “If you’re a fan of classic horror movies where dumb teenagers get killed in gruesome ways, you’ll have an absolute bloodbath of a time with The Quarry.

Featured Image Credit: Supermassive Games/Source (Axios)