This Ugly Halo Sweater is the Perfect Present for Spartan’s this Christmas

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Posted December 3, 2020 by Richard Lee Breslin in Accessory Review, News, PC, Reviews, Xbox One

There was a time when Ugly Christmas Sweaters were, well, ugly.  However in recent years they’ve really become a popular accessory and as more publishers launch new designers related to everyone’s favourite video games these Ugly Sweaters have become rather snazzy with their signature charm.

The one of many Ugly Sweater designs from popular video game accessory company Numskull Designs is the Halo Ugly Sweater designed in collaboration with developers of the series 343 Industries.

This is a 100% knitted jumper and is not printed like some of the other Christmas jumpers that might claim to be “Ugly Sweaters”.  The Halo Ugly Christmas Jumper is super comfy and leaves just the right amount of breathing space to add a little more comfort this Christmas.


I’ve purchased other “ugly Sweaters” in the past and despite ordering my correct size they often come-up a little tight and that is not the case with this Numbskull Design which is aided by the fact that this jumper is knitted with premium quality yarn.

The Halo Ugly Christmas Sweater is designed with the iconic Halo green representative of the Spartan UNSC armour with a silhouette of the legendary Master Chief on the front with a play-on words “Happy Halo-Days”.  On the back of the sweater you also have a silhouette of fan-favourite Halo vehicle the Warthog.

The Halo Ugly Christmas Sweater can be purchased from a number of retailers but perhaps the easiest place to pick one up would be via Geek Store (formerly Yellow Bulldog).

This jumper is available in loads of comfy sizes ranging from XS to 3XL.  At the time of writing the jumper costs just £29.99 which is a good few quid cheaper than some other current retailers.

You can check out the Halo Ugly Christmas Sweater as well as a whole range of other Christmas Sweaters from Numbskull at the Geek Store.