WWE 2K23 revealed with no cover star for the first time ever

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wwe 2k23 john cena

Credit: 2K Sports

WWE 2K23 has been revealed and for the first time in the series, this year’s entry features no cover star.

However, this year’s release will all be about 16-time world champion, John Cena (apparently). Three versions of WWE 2K23 will be available at launch with different iterations of Cena on the over (apparently). What’s more, music artist Bad Bunny will also feature in the game for the first time (as a pre-order DLC).

The WWE 2K series is known for its robust roster and match types, and 2K23 will be no exception. However, making his debut in this release (as well as Bad Bunny) will be “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes as will the War Games match type.

War Games will be playable in 3v3 and 4v4 either single player or multiplayer match types. In case you didn’t know, War Games is a chaotic steel cage match that surrounds two side-by-side rings.

wwe 2k23 war games

Credit: 2K Sports

WWE 2K23’s Showcase mode will also centre around the career of John Cena. However, rather than playing as Mr Cena, the players will instead take control of some of his most iconic opponents throughout his 20-year career.

In typical Showcase fashion, this campaign will be narrated by John Cena as he narrates documented WWE archived footage from the perspective of the main man himself.

In addition, WWE 2K23 will feature the returning MyGM mode which will now be playable for up to four players. MyFACTION, the team-building mode will now be playable online as well as offline.

MyRISE also returns featuring another unique create-a-wrestler campaign for both male and female Superstars. Universe also returns featuring a diverse sandbox of custom mayhem of weekly shows and Premier Live Events.

The Creation Suit also returns, however, it will now feature “cross-platform community creations”, meaning that you can download all uploaded creations regardless of the platform. Happy days!

Which versions of WWE 2K23 will be available?

wwe 2k23 john cena

Credit: 2K Sports

  • The Standard Edition at retail will be available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and has an RRP of £49.99. The new-gen version for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S has an RRP of £59.99.
  • The Cross-Gen Edition is available digitally for consoles with an RRP of £69.99.
  • The Deluxe Edition has an RRP of £89.99 for all formats. This edition includes the season pass which features all five-post launch DLC packs. The Deluxe Edition will release on March 14th, instead of March 17th for digital pre-orders.
  • Additionally, the Icon Edition (£104.99) includes everything included in the Deluxe Edition as well as the Ruthless Aggression Pack which features: “John Cena’s early “Prototype” character, as well as “Leviathan” Batista, developmental rookie versions of Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton, the John Cena Legacy Championship and WrestleMania 22 Arena. Additional bonus content includes an Emerald Paul Heyman MyFACTION Manager Card and three Deluxe Premium Launch MyFACTION Card Packs.

Finally, all pre-orders of WWE 2K23 will include the Bad Bunny Bonus Pack which features: “Bad Bunny as a playable character, as well as a Ruby tier Bad Bunny MyFACTION card.

WWE 2K22 was considered to be a return to form for the series, and in my review, I said: “If you were angered by 2K20, now is the time to come back. WWE 2K22 is more than over with the fans, this is easily the best wrestling game in nearly 10 years.

WWE 2K23 will release for PC, PlayStation and Xbox on March 17th, 2023, unless you buy the Deluxe and Icon Edition, in which case, it will be March 14th.

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