Yakuza 7 Out This November, Will Receive Free Next-Gen Upgrade

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A new English dub trailer has been released for Yakuza 7: Like a Dragon and better still, we now know that it will release for PC (via Windows 10 and Steam), Xbox One and PS4 this coming November.  It will also get a free next-gen upgrade for Xbox Series X on the consoles launch date, however, there will also be a free next-gen upgrade for PS5, but that is said to be “at a later date.”  It’s a shame that PS5 owners must potentially wait for the next-gen upgrade, seeing as this series has been a prominent fixture for the PlayStation brand over the years.

Additionally at launch there will be various editions available for Yakuza 7 with the Day Ichi (Day One) Edition, the Hero Edition and the Legendary Hero Edition.  The Day Ichi Edition will come with a SteelBook case, as well as digital content such as the Legends Costume Pack which features eight “fan-favourite” outfits representing characters from the series including Kazuma Kiryu, Daigo Dojima, Goro Majima and more.  The Day Ichi Edition will also be available digitally, though it will of course be without the steelbook.

The Hero Edition comes will all Day Ichi Edition content (available digitally includes the Job Set Pack which adds two new playable jobs, the Guitar-Shredding Devil Rocker and the Naginata-Wielding Matriarch, as well as the Management Mode Set which adds a “wide selection of additional employees for the expansive Management Mode mini-game).

Finally the Legendary Hero Edition (available digitally) comes with all the content from the Day Ichi and Hero Edition, as well as the “full-game Crafting Set, Karaoke Set, Ultimate Costume Set and the Stat Boost Set.

It has also been revealed that for the English-dub voice cast, the legendary actor George Takei will play the role of a pivotal character in the game known as Masumi Arakawa, a powerful patriarch of the Tojo Clan. Below you can find a special behind-the-scenes video featuring George Takei as well as the Heroes of Tomorrow story trailer.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon will release from this November for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.