Yooka-Laylee Gets a new gameplay video showcasing Casino level!



The guy’s over at Playtonic really can’t hold back with teasing us with yet more gameplay footage, this time 13 minutes of the New World Capital Casino level.


The gameplay video showcases many great platforming elements that fans of Banjo Kazooie will be very excited by.  The gameplay shows off Laylee’s sonar ability as Yooka and Laylee navigate through the casino, hitting switches with the sonar projectile to proceed further.  The gameplay in this level/area looks very varied, from your standard platform elements to on rails train-cart platforming elements, similar to those that were featured in the original Donkey Kong Country series, and also a Yooka-Laylee helicopter. Seriously, check out the gameplay. It looks fantastic.



After watching the above video, you can check out some brand new screenshots below for the title and let us know what you think about Yooka-Laylee in the comments or on our social media platforms.


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