Sony Officially Confirms Closure of PS3, PS Vita, and PSP Digital Stores

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Posted March 30, 2021 by Richard Lee Breslin in Announcements, Gaming News, PS Vita, PS1, PS3, PS4, PSP, Sony

Sony has officially confirmed that they will be closing the digital stores for PS3, PS Vita, and PSP in the near future.

Emails were sent out to PS+ and newsletter subscribers that the respective digital stores will close beginning on July 2nd this year.

The PS3 and PSP stores will close on July 2nd, while the PS Vita store will close on August 27th.

Sony states that you will be able to access and download all digital content that you own via the Download List, though that list has always been a mess and it’s a pain in the ass finding exactly what you’re looking for.

So what this all means is exactly that from the confirmed dates, those PlayStation stores will no longer be updated, they will close, but you can still access digital content that you own (including video content).

I think most of us all saw this coming, but it’s still sad nonetheless.  While I don’t own a PSP or PS Vita any longer, I still own my PS3, and I loved the fact that I still had access to some PS1 and PS2 classics.

Sure I can still re-download them, but it still seems a shame that that store with all those classic games will no longer be accessible.  Not to mention all the indie games that will no longer be able to launch on the PS Vita.

Not long after all the stores have closed on PS3, PS Vita, and PSP, it wouldn’t surprise me if Sony launches classic titles via emulation on PS4 and PS5, at an extra cost of course.  As they say “watch this space”.

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