Accessory Review: Bionik Quickshot PS4 Triggers

In the world of competitive gaming, having pro controllers such as the Scuff’s and even the Xbox One Pro, it makes a huge difference to give you that little edge against your online opponents.  However, speaking from experience, such controllers tend to cost well over the £100 mark (and then some) and for many, this is perhaps too much of a stretch for casual gaming, as competitive as you may be.

Although, being a little more casual about your online gaming approach, doesn’t mean that you don’t want to give yourself some kind of advantage.  Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to give you that edge on a budget.  For me, I’m a big fan of the Kontrol Freek analogue sticks.  While they give you slightly shaper movements, they don’t directly give you an advantage shooting down the scope and pulling the trigger.  However, with the Quickshot PS4 Triggers from Bionik, you can get that advantage at a low cost and they were provided for this review.

The Quickshot Triggers clip on to the L2 and the R2 triggers of your DualShock 4’s and once clipped, they’re good to go.  Designed with a slightly curved rigged texture, the Quickshot’s give you some added grip and are possibly more comfortable for your DualShock 4 then without them.  Sure the design of the DualShock’s 4’s are near faultless in my opinion, but the Quickshot’s do give you added comfort and grip, especially during lengthy gaming sessions.


However, comfort is not the main purpose of these triggers, because the reason you’d want to pick up the Quickshot PS4 Triggers is to make your aiming and shooting down the scope, that little more faster and responsive.  Once clipped, the triggers roughly cut down the trigger distance of your controllers by about half, so in other words, you should see a rough 50% improvement on your shooting time.

Now I’m not just saying this because I’m reviewing them, as I believe myself to be at times brutally honest, but after spending several hours playing shooters such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, I did notice an improvement in my Time to Kill (TTK)/Time to Death (TTD) ratio.  Sometimes that split second when you and your opponent lock eyes in the multiplayer battlefield, that 50% improvement can make all the difference.  I even spent extensive hours playing Anthem and Devil May Cry 5, and I also preferred having the Quickshot’s attached for almost any game, though I wouldn’t recommend them for racers.

If I was going to one criticism of the Quickshot PS4 Triggers is that for some reason, with the two pairs of triggers that you get in each box, either of the two L2 Triggers provided would not clip on the one of my PS4 controllers.  Both of my DualShock’s are V2’s, so the triggers are identical, one controller perfectly fitted the L2 and R2, while the other only could clip the L2.  However, this is a problem that Bionik anticipated, because provided in the box are two strips of adhesive tape stickers and once applied to the inside of the PS4 Trigger clips, after many, many hours of gaming, not once did they come off.

All in all, with one purchase of the Bionik Quickshot PS4 Triggers, you’ll get two pairs, so you’re good for two controllers, a adhesive tape and a user guide booklet.  Yes for whatever reason that one L2 trigger didn’t behave itself, but once the tape was applied, I had no issue what-so-ever and it was as secure as any of the other triggers on either of my controllers.  The cost of replicating competitive gaming can be very high, but for a mere $19.99 RRP, you can give yourself decent advantage.  Granted, these triggers won’t work miracles and you’ll still need to be a competent player to always stay in the +K/D ratio, but regardless of your skill level the Bionik Quickshot PS4 Triggers should help and for the price, I can’t recommend them enough.  At the time of writing, the Bionik Quickshot PS4 Triggers are available for £12.99 on Amazon.

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