Accessory Review: Gioteck VX4 and WX4 Premium Wireless Controller

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For the last three decades, third-party controllers were the ones in which the console owner wouldn’t touch.  The console owner would only use official controllers and to be honest, back in the day you wouldn’t wish for a cheap third-party controller on your worst enemy.  However, the quality of the third-party controller has changed massively in recent years and at the forefront of that change has been Gioteck.

I initially gave my impressions for the Gioteck VX4 and WX4 Premium Wireless controllers back in 2019 and you can read my original thoughts on the pair of controllers here.  In terms of quality and feel in the hand, both the VX4 and WX4 controllers are the exact same, so there’s not a lot else that I can say.

However, there is one big change to both of these controllers which is that they both have programmable back buttons, which is fantastic for a budget controller that might only cost you between £20 to £30.

Unfortunately, the Gioteck VX4 and WX4 currently do not have software (that I know of) to map the back buttons, but hey, they’re budget controllers and that would have been an extra expense.

So how do you program the back buttons?  Firstly to map the back button you must first ensure that the switch at the back of the controller is set to “on”.  Then you must hold the “Set” button for three seconds until the LED light at the front of the controller begins to flash repeatedly.

When the light is flashing you must then press the command button of your choice.  So let’s say for example the light is flashing so you press R2 once.  Then you instantly press one of two back buttons and when the LED light stops flashing, it means that you have successfully programmed your buttons.

While this isn’t perhaps as convenient as a software program that comes with more expensive controllers, once I knew what to do (and it’s an easy process), it was a breeze to map L2 and R2 to the two back buttons.  However, you can of course map whichever two buttons you choose.

All in all, while the size of the Gioteck VX4 and WX4 is a bit too small for my hands, they were perfect for my wife and I would imagine they’re a great size for children too.  Plus on top of that, these controllers are dirt cheap.

So if you’re concerned that your child gets through controllers a little too frequently, look no further than the updated versions of the VX4 and WX4 Premium Wireless controllers with programmable back buttons.

The VX4 has a 3.55 audio port and PS4 touchpad, and works on PC and all models of the PS4, while the WX4 works on PC, Nintendo Switch (with motion controls), and even the PS3.  The latter of which is great, because while reviewing this controller, I’ve been playing Lego Lord of the Rings co-op with my son on PS3, a console I’ve not played in a while.

To be honest, I’ll always prefer an official controller or a top-end third-party controller, but I still have no issue using a third-party controller such as the VX4 or the WX4 if need be.  For the quality and the features you get with both controllers, you’d struggle to find a better third-party controller at such a low cost.  If you’re after a cheap controller for PC, PS3, PS4, or Nintendo Switch, then look no further than the Gioteck VX4 and WX4.