Accessory Review: Snakebyte Tough Case for Nintendo Switch

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Being a hybrid console, one of the perks of owning a Nintendo Switch is being able to take this awesome console out and about on your travels.  However, the downside to that is the worry of dropping the console on the floor and permanently damaging your beloved system.

Since I’ve owned my Nintendo Switch, I’ve insured that it not only has a screen protector, but also a protective case, should I drop the console on the floor.  Thankfully, I’ve not dropped it yet (touch wood), but it’s safer to have the added protection just in case.  The case that I’ve previously owned did its job, but it wasn’t the most comfortable in the hand.  So when I was given the opportunity to review the Tough Case from Snakebyte, I was keen to give it a try.

As an overview, the Tough Case from Snakebyte offers far more protection then my old case and the design at the back of the shell, makes it more comfortable in the hand.  If there was a criticism not highlighted in my video review, is that it’s a little difficult pulling the Switch out of the case, and insert the game cartridges can be a little fiddly for those with larger hands.  But these are small criticisms in what is a very good case that does its job well.

Overall, it is a very positive review and I would certainly recommend the Tough Case if you’re after some protection for your pricey Nintendo Switch.  Especially when you consider that my old case cost about £6-£7, whereas the Tough Case can be picked up for less than £10 (at the time of writing) on Amazon and is available in either Pink or Black.

You can watch my video review below, as well as some images that I have take of the Snakebyte Tough Case (as seen above).  If you haven’t done already, if you can consider giving the video a Like and maybe even subscribing to my small channel, that would be fantastic and you can check out the Push-Start-Play YouTube channel too if you wish.  Thank you.