Family Guy The Video Game PSP – REVIEW

Posted March 14, 2010 by Marshall in PSP, Reviews


Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa, Louis this is not my Batman glass. The bird is the word, but is Family Guy the game THE GAME? Well no.

Family Guy is a massively successful television series featuring funny gags and crude comments. It has pioneered the comedy world but has fallen flat on it’s face in the gaming world.


Or lack of. There are 3 contrasting storylines and they’re all awful. They make no sense, they are not gripping, they make me want to get a revolver put it in my mouth and talk to pigeons till I’m 40. But to be honest what did I expect. I’ve always found it fascinating how a show like Family Guy can do so well without any form of storyline and I suppose this is because its funny. Don’t get me wrong it IS funny and this game IS funny. But selling a TV show and selling a game are two very different things. A TV show can rely on humour easily whereas with a game it’s a lot harder. Family Guy the game seem to have got this wrong. Funny sequences from the shows have been added as flashbacks (much like they are in the show) and this is the only reason you continue to play, with the hope of finding some.

Overall this story fails like Miley Cyrus at Download Festival 2/10.



Rigid, unappealing and god dam frightening controls. Random button bashing. Awful camera angles. It has taken me a long time to forgive Family Guy for what they have done here. This is so frustrating I want to go up to Seth Macfarlane, put a plastic bag over his head and ship him so far away from society that nothing like this will ever happen again. The only bits that make me believe someone over the age of 10 worked on this game play are the flashback sequences which feature a quick time event much like god of war. Unfortunately these last about 10 seconds and feature digging a whole, getting half naked girls to run around or trying to pick up Peter’s keys through a car window with a piece of metal.

This fail even more! To the point of Chicken Little walking into KFC for an afternoon snack 1/10.



Again, awful. What is this fascination with making cartoons 3D but then giving up halfway? Personally I think the graphics would have been brilliant if just in a 2D cartoon format. However this is not the case. The effects like smoke and fire look lousy at best. However the characters do look good, I mean Quagmire’s chin isn’t so visible but it’s still border lining ok. Some quirky bits from the TV show are presented in a nearly adequate way.

Overall just no, just get this game away from me 2/10.



The Family Guy theme is used throughout. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, if anything it’s a catchy little jingle. There is a massive lack of music though. The in level music is repetitive, dull and lifeless. It’s just like I want to beat my head against my wall repeatedly with this game. It’s just awful in every aspect. Music can help make a game but to be honest not even The Jonas Brothers performing a duet with Muse could pull this around.

It seems today that all you see is Family Guy getting attacked by me, 1/10.



Get this awful excuse for a game away from me now!


  • There isn’t.


  • Everything.

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