God Of War III : Video & Written Review

Posted March 16, 2010 by Marshall in PS3, Retail, Reviews

3 years after God of war II does Kratos come back  to finish the series in a unforgettable adventure or does he die a painful death?

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Story 7.5

The story is not an exhilarating story and isn’t as well put together as the previous God of War titles. This said, it still has a well placed plot and doesn’t take yoimageu away from the other amazing features in the game. The story takes place surrounding “you”, the player, taking back the role of Kratos as he and the titans fight together to take down Olympus and get revenge on Zeus. Although the story is not as finished as the previous titles Kratos is still a bad ass and the cut-scenes are just outstanding.


Gameplay 9.5

Previous players will have no difficulty noticing that the combat hasn’t been too upgraded or changed. New players will obviously have different opinions over previous players of the series. God of War 3 does have some slight differences which some-what could say is enormous. Sony’s Santa Monica studio has developed some slight improvements to the fighting engine in a way that instantly ups the pace of encounters. If you’re into face pace battles and don’t want to be clicking through menus to change weapons then this God of War title is for you. The combat system has had some enhancements but small notable tweaks such as a certain weapon now has a designated magic ability.

You can also now have the ability to use secondary items which I have to say is a nice touch and gives a unique approach on the combat. A God of War game couldn’t slip by without having hidden items which can also improve your range of weapons. The previous series’ puzzles return but are sadly loosely integrated and does feel tedious.image

There are a few moments where the gameplay becomes different as you watch and interact with a button sequence fight or cut scene. Kratos’ heavy attacks are more enjoyable to use in battle and no longer feel stiff, maintaining a constant combo flow. Kratos attacks are definitely much more fluid in this title and I guess you can even say more powerful this time round as he seriously does mean what he says when he ‘wants revenge’.

The camera angle does take some time getting use to but sometimes provides the feeling of you playing a role in an amazing cgi movie, putting you as the main character. That said, the camera angle does happen to glitch sometimes and does cause a slight nausea when you can’t see clearly where you’re going or what enemies are attacking you but this only happens rarely.


Graphics 10

Its hard to say anything bad about the graphics/presentation of the game. The visuals are amazing, the textures look great and the cut scenes are amazing. I do have to say this is probably one of the best graphic-looking games to date as it truly is outstanding. There are only a few are moments that slightly lack in visual effects compared to previous areas/locations but overall it still doesn’t take away from it’s brilliant glow of beautiful graphics. Sony’s Santa Monica have done an excellent job on making the last of the series stand out.

Overall : God Of War III Scores a 9/10

God of War 3 is an amazing end to the God Of War series with some improved game play elements and stunning visuals. Its hard to give this title a miss.


· Fast pace combat stands out from previous titles

· Brilliant cut scenes and stunning visuals

· Blood and guts are always a good thing


· Camera Angle tends to glitch in spots

· Some texture differs from some areas

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