Port Review: Grand Theft Auto 5 (PlayStation 5)

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Posted March 16, 2022 by Richard Lee Breslin in Featured, PS5, PS5 Reviews, Xbox Series X
gta 5 new gen

Credit: Rockstar Games

The long-awaited new-gen port of Grand Theft Auto 5 is finally here for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. After playing the upgraded version for several hours, I’ll let you know my initial impressions on the port to give you a hand in deciding whether it’s for you.

Firstly, it’s worth keeping in mind that if you have played any of the last-gen versions, you can transfer your save into the new version. Thankfully, it’s a simple enough process. However, you will need to boot up the PS4 or Xbox One version to begin the process.

In the last-gen version, visit the Rockstar Social Club via the in-game menu. Select “Upload Save Game” and once your save is uploaded, you can close this version of the game. Then boot up the new-gen version and you will see the option to download your save. Happy days. However, once your save is uploaded, you will have 90 days to download it, so don’t wait around. You can also only transfer from PS4 to PS5 or Xbox One to Xbox Series X|S.


Having only played the PS5 version, I can’t speak about the Xbox Series X|S versions. That said, I’m sure it’s pretty much the same deal. When you start your game, by default it will be in Fidelity Mode. This is the most visually impressive version with a native 4K resolution as well as ray-tracing being enabled. However, it does take a hit on the framerate with a targeted 30FPS.

gta v new gen

Credit: Rockstar Games

In my humble opinion, Fidelity is my preferred mode to play GTA V as I just love that ray-traced shine. However, don’t expect miracles, after all, this is originally a 2013 game. Yet, this game still looks great for one that is nearly 10 years old.

Next up is Performance Mode. This mode is for those that prefer a smoother experience offering a targeted 60FPS, however, you still get an upscaled 4K resolution. I could certainly notice the smoother framerate, but this game still looks fine at 30FPS. Though if you’re primarily a GTA Online player, the 60FPS might be beneficial when competing against others online.

Finally, we have Performance RT Mode, which offers a somewhat of a hybrid of Fidelity and Performance. Performance RT offers will have ray-tracing and 60FPS as well as upscaled 4K (not native 4K). Personally, I could notice much of an improvement with Performance RT when compared to the other two modes. So, I would choose Fidelity for the single player campaign and Performance for online.

gta v new gen

Credit: Rockstar Games


In other areas of performance, the PS5 version offers increased pedestrian, traffic and vegetation density. After jumping into my PS4 version of GTA 5 via backwards compatibility on PS5, I instantly noticed that there were more cars and pedestrians out on the streets, which all adds to the immersive experience. In general, this upgrade looks better as a whole with smoother skin textures, improved lighting and shadow effects, reflections, anti-aliasing and motion blur. Explosions also look more realistic, something that you’ll see a lot of in GTA 5.

Furthermore, one of the biggest improvements with any new-gen upgrade is the faster loading times. When booting up my PS4 version to upload my save, I had forgotten how long it takes GTA 5 to boot up and actually get into the game. Just booting up the game from the PS5 dashboard to the main menu takes no longer than 10 seconds. Then from the main menu, it takes just over 10 seconds to get into the single player campaign, which takes under a minute on PS4.

It does take longer going from the main menu to GTA Online, but considering your loading up a huge online world, we can let the game off. From the main menu going into GTA Online, it takes just under 45 seconds, compared to the minute and a half on PS4. So, if you’re tired of the long loading screens of the last-gen version, then you’ll be happy with this improvement. GTA 5 on PS5 is sounds better than ever thanks to the 3D Audio, which resembles a surround sound-like effect. Though it can never beat a proper surround sound system, it’s still a welcomed alternative.

gta v new gen

Credit: Rockstar Games

The PS5 version also takes advantage of the DualSense controller’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. It’s always difficult to explain, but you can also feel the rattle and weight of a gun or the pull of your super-charged custom car. Likewise, you can even feel the terrain which feels great when exploring the bumpy outdoors. In truth, I never gave the DualSense features much thought going into GTA 5, but I was pleasantly surprised with how well it performed.


If you buy the upgraded game before June 14th, you can take advantage of a generous discount. Though we could argue that a free upgrade for those that own the last-gen version will be more welcomed. However, right now you can buy the PS5 version for £8.75 which includes the single player and online modes. Sadly, it costs double on Xbox Series X|S at £17.49 for the same dual package. If you don’t buy GTA 5 before June 14th, it will go up to £34.99 on both new-gen consoles.

gta v new gen

Credit: Rockstar Games


In short, yes, but it depends. If you can buy GTA 5 at a discounted price, even at £17.49 on Xbox, I’d say it’s worth the deal. However, if you’ve already played the hell out of GTA 5 since 2013, I wouldn’t say it’s essential, even less so at the full RRP. That being said, as long as you don’t expect Horizon Forbidden West visuals and just want to experience a better version of a game you love, then you won’t be disappointed. Still, if somehow, you’re new to GTA 5 and you pick it up after June 14th, you’re still going to get great value for money. But I would advise buying GTA 5 at the discounted price while you can.

At the end of the day, when GTA 5 was released in 2013 it set a new standard for open-world games and an identity that no one has replicated. Nearly 10 years on, GTA 5 is still a lot of fun and once again it’s better than ever on a new generation of consoles. Just make sure you buy the game before June 14th.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games