Editor note: As always with reviews of this type, especially with titles from Telltale Games, I will attempt to keep spoilers to a minimum as much as possible.

Season One of Telltales Batman was an excellent introduction to their adaptation, it blended a different kind of tension that we’ve not previously seen in previous games from the studio as we try to balance the life of both the Batman and the “billionaire playboy” Bruce Wayne.  But as with other games from Telltale, it provided many moments where there was no right or wrong choice and you had to decide for what you believed to be the lesser of two evils for your story.  In its opening episode of Season Two, that trend seems to have continued and with Batman/Bruce now having even more time to develop new and more dangerous enemies, if Episode OneThe Enigma” is anything to go by, then we could be in for an even better season than what came before.

Just by looking at the title of episode one and the trailers that have released prior to its launch, it’s been no secret that this second season entitled “The Enemy Within” introduces “Enigma” aka The Riddler as one of the latest foes to push Batman to his absolute limits and with someone that is obsessed in bettering “The World’s Greatest Detective”, you can expect The Riddler to be even more devious and conniving than perhaps any one member of the Children of Arkham.

The opening moments of the episode see’s Bruce Wayne undercover in one of Gotham’s most prestigious casino’s as he attempts to get close and uncover the criminal intentions of one of the city’s most respected figures, but if we know anything about the residents of Gotham City, it’s that just about everyone has a dark and hidden secret hidden beneath the veil.  It is in these opening moments that The Riddler introduces himself and upon doing so, reveals an intriguing puzzle piece that may hold the answers as to why The Riddler has spent a good 20 years away from Gotham, has now decided to return.

However, it’s not only The Caped Crusader that is seeking answers for The Riddler schemes, as none other than Amanda Waller has made her presence known and Jim Gordon in particular is not happy to see this imposing authority stamp her ground in the city that Gordon and Batman have sworn to protect.  But in going against Waller and her agents, life will be made difficult for Batman and if he co-operates, it could lead to some valuable Intel along the way.

No matter how careful you tread, Jim Gordon will not be happy if you get to pally pally with Waller, so it makes for a strenuous task as you balance your involvement between Waller and Gordon.  This ultimately is down to you as to what path you take, but there’s a popular saying that goes “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”, but in this instance, the exact opposite could also easily be said.

In conclusion, Episode One “The Enigma” is an excellent opening to season two which pretty much begins with a level of tension and tough choices that are more commonly seen in later episodes in a Telltale Games series.  So if this premiere episode is anything to go by and with some very intriguing characters to be introduced at later date, not to mention the unnerving evolution of John Doe aka The Joker and his unhealthy obsession to be Bruce Wayne’s best friend, season two The Enemy Within has all the ingredients to be one of Telltale Games strongest assets to date.