Spoiler Warning – While I always do my utmost best to keep reviews as spoiler free as possible, just be warned that there may be one or two spoilers in this review, especially with it being the opening episode.

When Telltale Games and Marvel Studios announced that they would collaborate to bring us an all-new story set in the Guardians of the Galaxy universe, it was met with a highly anticipated buzz, especially with the new movie releasing in cinemas this week.  This adaptation will be a unique story, set apart from any of the comics, TV series or movies.  So you can expect developers Telltale Games to grasp the opportunity to bring us an exciting story and the opportunity to throw-in some added surprises too.

From the moment you load up the main menu and are greeted with the song “Livin’ Thing” from Electric Light Orchestra, it instantly feels like you’re about to jump into an authentic adventure in the Guardians of the Galaxy universe and Telltale Games do not waste any time throwing you into the heat of the action.  Nova Corps are in dire trouble and are calling for the aid of the Guardians after being attacked by one of Marvel universes big bad, Thanos.  Star Lord being in true form does not exactly jump at the chance to be the white knight in shining armour and instead makes sure that he gets the best deal for himself (and/or his crew) before the Guardians arrive to save the day.  Though of course, that was just the choice of my dialogue, you can be a little more graceful if you wish, but I opted for the more cocky approach.

However, by the time the Guardians reach the scene of the crime, the shit has pretty much already hit the proverbial fan and the unlikely group of heroes are left to battle the imposing Thanos once more.  Usually showing an unhealthy obsession to acquire the all-powerful Infinity Stones, it appears that Thanos has found a new desire in the form of an unusual relic with an unspeakable power that could prove disastrous within the wrong hands.

After their encounter with Thanos, the Guardians celebrate with a round of drinks and a heavy night of amnesia, their celebrations are cut short as it seems apparent that a new threat to the galaxy wish to rival the great Thanos and will stop at nothing, and will slay anyone or any planet to acquire the power of this mysterious relic.  Without giving to much away, Telltale Games have seized the opportunity to tell us a new story and from a personal standpoint, they’ve already offered at least one surprise that took me somewhat off guard, especially so early in this debut series.

While gameplay and mechanic wise, this is pretty much the standard affair, Telltale have introduced a couple of new mechanics, at least from a Telltale perspective anyway.  The main focus so far judging from this first episode is Star Lord, though you do get to briefly play as the other gang during some QTE sequences.  But when playing as Star Lord, you can now hover to reach higher levels within certain areas.  This is done by pressing up and down on the D-Pad, one press for the first floor and a second press for the second floor, and so forth.  Obviously with Star Lord having rocket powered boots, it makes perfect sense to have this ability and feels a natural inclusion to do so.  Also, you can speak to either Gamora, Rocket or Drax (not Groot so far for obvious reasons) while investigating an area to gain their perspective on the current predicament.

One of the most important factors that Telltale must also get right is the signature, dry, sarcastic humour that fans have grown to love from the Guardians of the Galaxy universe and I’m pleased to say that Telltale have got this absolutely spot on and the interaction between each of the characters is both funny, witty and clever.  This is of course largely down to the developers, but equal credit must also go down to the brilliant voice-acting for their expert delivery with their enthusiasm shinning through in abundance.  And on top of that, this is a very visually impressive episode and in my humble opinion, it’s the best looking game from Telltale yet.

In conclusion, Guardians of the Galaxy – The Telltale Series is off to a flying start and with such high expectations to deliver to a demanding audience, Telltale Games certainly has not disappointed and I’ll go out on a limb and say that this is one of the strongest opening episodes from the team yet and with the bar being set so high already with Episode One: Tangled Up in the Blue, then I feel dizzy with excitement in anticipation of what’s to come and with the Vol.2 releasing in cinemas this week, this is a bandwagon that I urge you to jump on as early as possible.  And if my words aren’t enough to convince you, then take heed of these wise words direct from one of the Guardians themselves “I am Groot”.