Within the past 12 months, Capcom has been pumping out HD remasters into the new gen, with the likes of DmC, Devil May Cry 4 and of course, Resident Evil and Resident Evil 0.  However, Capcom will not stop the trend there because in the summer we’ll have Resident Evil 5, then Resident Evil 4 later in the year, but for now we have Resident Evil 6.

Resident Evil 6 follows the story of three main characters (each with an additional playable character), well four if you include the Ada Wong campaign which is unlocked from the off-set.  Here you have the choice of Leon Kennedy with Helena Harper, Chris Redfield with Piers Nivans and Jake Muller, the son of Albert Wesker with Sherry Birkin, who you very well remember from Resident Evil 2.  If you’ve played Resident Evil 6 before, then you will know what to expect from its story.  I won’t give too much of the story away for newcomers, but you can expect the usual bio-terror shenanigans.

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I believe the idea of having three main campaigns was to broaden the appeal for what gamers want or expect from a modern day Resident Evil game, however, as it did in 2012, Resident Evil 6 comes across like that person at the party that is desperate to please and get on with everyone or anyone that they can.  Much like Resident Evil 5’s campaign, Chris Redfield’s outing is more all-out action then the other campaigns, Leon’s being more horror orientated, with Jakes being a mixture of both with a slight emphasis on melee combat that perhaps leans a little more over to the action side of things.  Being the old school Resident Evil gamer that I am, I found myself more partial to Leon’s campaign, but while that started off great with zombies and all, as it approaches the end, it seems to forgot its horror intentions and starts aiming in the action orientated direction.

If you’ve already played Resident Evil 6 on last gen, then you’ve already played it on new gen.  It plays exactly the same as from what I can tell, no gameplay changes have been made.  Instead, other than including all previously released DLC, Resident Evil 6 has had a higher res visual upgrade.  Now, I still own the game on PS3 and I played it to death on the Xbox 360.  At quick glance the visuals might look the same as its last gen counterpart, but once I started flicking between the new gen and last gen versions on the TV, the visual difference was quite clear to see.  Obviously on last gen, the game was tied down to a 720p resolution at 30fps.  However, for the PS4 and Xbox One version, it’s now at a resolution of 1080p and 60fps second, and the difference is quite noticeable, especially if you’re able to compare the two generations.  I can’t speak of the PC version of Resident Evil 6, but it’s safe to assume that it looks better or at the very least on par with its console counterpart, depending on your settings.

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Included in this new version of the game are all the additional modes originally bundled with the game, as well as those modes that came as extras with DLC.  The three new modes that came via DLC are Predator, where one player takes control of the Nemesis like Ustanak, while the other remaining players must remain uncaptured.  Survivors, much like a team deathmatch, players are pitted against one another, however those that die will take control of either a zombie or J’avo, the last surviving player wins the match. Then you have Onslaught, which two players go head-to-head in a wave based type mode, where the higher combo a player scores, the more enemies that will be sent to his or her opponent.

The other modes that were included in Resident Evil 6, is the good old Mercenaries, which you must survive as long as possible, while maintaining the highest score possible.  Agent Hunt, where opposing players can take control of either a zombie or J’avo during your campaign and Siege which has one team defending a human AI, while the opposing players take control of the enemy in an attempt to kill the AI.


While Resident Evil 6 offers crisp 1080p visuals at a smooth 60fps, not to mention all previously released DLC, unless you’re new to the game, there’s nothing new here that you haven’t seen before.  However, at £15.99 it does represent decent value for money overall, as its packed with four campaigns, various additional modes and plenty of unlockables.

I remember the 2012 E3 hype for Resident Evil 6, where Leon Kennedy was the focal point.  But just like when the game released in 2013, I find myself still thinking that the game would have been better spent with just the Leon campaign, only with less action and more consistent “survival horror” throughout.  That said, Resident Evil 6 may not be the best in the long-running series by a long-shot, but it’s still a lot of fun non the less.  Just don’t go expecting a return to survival horror, if that’s what you’re after, then you can’t do much better than the Resident Evil HD Remaster or Resident Evil 0.


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