I have no regrets in saying that during the last moments of season two from Telltales The Walking Dead; it damn near emotionally broke me.  Well, in-fact, so did season one for that matter.  If you’ve not yet finished Season Two, there will be some spoilers ahead, so consider this your SPOILER warning (though I always keep them to a minimum).  Episode One ‘Ties that Bind’ is split into two parts.

Depending on who you choose to side with during the closing moments of Season Two, you were either on Team Kenny or Team Jane.  Though you may very well have been on Team Kenny, which made your choice all that much more difficult.  The point is, whatever you choose, and these actions especially will have a significant impact on Clementine in Season Three.

Season Two ‘A New Frontier’ is set around four years after the events of Season Two and as a result, we get a slightly older and more mature Clem.  Though characters in this would instantly underestimate her as she’s “just a kid”.  But as we know, Clem can often use that deception as a weapon.  In Episode One “Ties that Bind” Part 1, we are also introduced to a new and second playable character with Javier García, who has no previous association with Clem.  Judging from Episode One, it seems that we will play as Javier during the current moments and as Clem during flashbacks, as we slowly but surely piece together her at times gut-wrenching moments following Season Two, right up until present day.


Considering Javier is a new character, I was expecting the attachment to his character to arrive slowly, but to my pleasant surprise, Telltale Games do a fantastic job in making us care about him and his family of survivors from the off-set.  This is largely down to family tragedy, his flawed and relatable character, and witnessing how important his family is to him as they strive to survive the hardships of this zombie infested world.

We’re introduced to Clem through Javier quite early on and despite you having options to be frosty towards her, given that we already have an emotional attachment with Clem and knowing what hardships she has faced, it’s difficult to act that way towards her, especially as you she how badass she has become.  But if you feel like acting like a prick, you always have that option if you choose.

It’s no surprise seeing how Clem has matured, considering all the shit that she has been through, but there are some moments where you might question her actions.  While Lee Everett has had a dramatic effect on her character from Season One, the influence of Kenny (especially from Season Two) might also be having his fair share of influence too.  It will be interesting to see how the character of Clem further develops throughout this season, especially as Telltale may want to push Javier as a new lead beyond Season Three.  Only time will tell.


However, one niggling issue that has been persistent pretty much from all games from Telltale are its jittering framerate, especially as we’re introduced to a new chapter.  Now I don’t want to tempt fate here, but so far after completing episode one, it doesn’t seem ‘quite’ as bad, though it’s still there.  So perhaps skipping the last generation of consoles for this release, has done this instalment a favour, although it would be nice to see that issue finally eradicated one day soon.

One thing is for sure, Telltales powerful method of storytelling shows no signs of fading and this opening episode proves evident with the introduction of its cast of new characters and furthermore, the evolution of Clementine.  Judging from this opening episode, Season Three shows clear signs of being just as powerful, cruel and tense as ever before and now that Clem has a little friend to consider, this could prove to be the most emotional season yet!

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