Spoiler Warning: While I try to keep spoilers to an absolute minimum, there will be some spoilers here if you’ve not played previous episodes.

Trust, trust is more than just a simple word and much more than just a meaning.  But how do you gain trust?  How do you know who to trust?  And how do you learn how to trust?  Sometimes the answer to those very questions is that to gain trust, you must give a little first and this is what Episode FourThicker than Water’ holds at its core.

In Episode ThreeAbove the Law’, Javier’s ass of a brother David was seemingly set-up by his own group known as The New Frontier, at the hands of Joan, who looks to take control of the group by manipulating those that populate the troubled town, as well as those closet to David, who at this time is becoming increasingly unhinged.

However, amidst the civil war in the small town of Richmond, Javier, Clem, Kate and Gabe look to escape the clutches of The New Frontier, but in order to do so, they need the help of David, who aims to expose Joan for the manipulative tyrant that she is, or is she?  Will David see through on his promise to help Javier and co escape Joan or does David have ulterior motives?  Oh and by the way, he’s still yet to find out about his brother Javier and Kate’s (David’s wife, who thought David to be dead) love for one another.

With all this chaos kicking-off in one place, it’s almost easy to forget that Clementine has her own issues aside from the group.  In this episode especially, we learn more about Clem’s relationship with Jane from Season Three as they care for Baby AJ, following the aftermath of Kenny and Carver’s gruesome altercation within the community at Howe’s Hardware Store.  In the previous episode, Clem also learned that baby AJ might be alive and well today, after she was led to believe he died of a cruel illness, after he was taken away from Clem at the hands of David.  But as of this moment, we’re yet to find out whether this remains to be true, instead we must rely on the trustworthy word of David himself.

As we draw near to Season Three’s conclusion, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to avoid spoilers as the story develops, while trying to remain as informative as I possibly can.  It’s a tough balance let me tell you.  However, while Episode Three and now Episode Four lacks the kind of shocking and lasting impact that a studio such as Telltale Games have been known for, it’s certainly building up to an interesting premise and as we lead into its finale, I can honestly say that I have little idea how this season is going to pan out, and that’s great.

This is a testament to the quality of storytelling from Telltale, because I genuinely do not know if I can trust David’s state of mind and to a certain degree, the choices that I have made thus far, and will make in episodes moving forward.  I just know that the shit is piling up ten-fold and it is waiting to hit that proverbial fan.  I can’t wait to see how all this tension comes to its conclusive (and more than likely grisly end) and with that, I truly trust Telltale Games to deliver.

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