Persona 5 Features in Japanese PS4 Price Drop Advert, PS3 and PS4 Images

Posted September 9, 2016 by Brett Claxton in Gaming News, PS3, PS4


Persona 5 is mere days away in Japan, releasing on September 15th in the East. Western Persona fans will be hibernating from September right through to February to make sure not to have it spoiled for them. A lot of the talk in the build up to release has been very focused on the PlayStation 4 version of the game.

So much so that many might’ve forgotten that it’s coming out on PlayStation 3. Some comparison images have been released and the differences are minor. It’s worth keeping in mind though that it’s more likely the differences will be more noticeable in motion. The PlayStation 4 images are on top and the PlayStation 3 ones below.



On top of the comparison pictures, Persona 5 took pride of place in a PlayStation 4 Slim bundle advert in Japan. It’s very bizarre in a quite wonderful way. The less that is said about it the better. It’s performed so straight faced that the oddness of it is amplified.

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