WWE 2K17 won’t have a Showcase, backstage interaction returns in improved Universe mode

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Posted August 13, 2016 by Richard Lee Breslin in Announcements, Gameplay, Gaming News, PS3, PS4, Screenshots, Trailers, Xbox 360, Xbox One


Coming as a huge surprise, 2K has announced that WWE 2K17 will not have a Showcase mode.  In the previous two instalments, we’ve seen Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H and HBK, John Cena and CM Punk taking centre stage in the popular campaign mode that saw you playout some of WWE’s most iconic moments.

Executive Producer of WWE 2K17, Mark Little said that despite attempting several Showcase campaigns which included cover star Brock Lesnar, the team was not happy with what they played around with, they did not feel their attempts was up to their “standards and current development vision” and have decided to put much of their focus into modes requested by the community, which involves improving on the Universe and MyCareer modes.  To be honest, perhaps 2K will wow us when WWE 2K17 releases, but not having a Showcase mode is a huge deal in my opinion (it wouldn’t surprise me if its bundled in the season pass), but hopefully the improvements on the Universe and MyCareer modes may make up for that deficit.


Now let’s get on to potential improvements to be made on the two aforementioned modes.  After I had finished with the Showcase modes, Universe mode is where I spent much of my time.  However, despite me finding it enjoyable, it’s in essence a glorified exhibition mode that has rivalries with little meaning.  Now this may be a bold statement, but Mark Little has stated that they “are working to recreate the drama and excitement seen every week on Raw, Smackdown and NXT.”    The biggest improvements promised by Mark Little is by incorporating promo’s into the Universe mode.  Now anyone that follows Sports Entertainment, will know of the importance that a well-cut promo has in telling a story.

By utilising a brand new Promo Engine, 2K claims that WWE Superstars in the Universe mode will “express their thoughts and emotions” and that it “creates a dynamic and brings the experience closer to the actual WWE than ever before.”  Which itself is a bold claim, but reading between the lines, I would take a guess in saying that this means that the Universe mode will have cut-scenes with branching dialogue choices, which can be participated by both the player and CPU.  All in all, 2K say that WWE 2K17 will be “the most comprehensive and authentic WWE Universe we’ve attempted thus far.” So it will be very interesting to see how exactly well this will work.


The Promo Engine will also be utilised in the MyCareer mode and with this being arguably the most story-drive mode in recent games, especially in terms of an original narrative, this just might convince me to get invested in MyCareer for once.  Backstage interviews will be conducted by Renee Young and it will also see the return of backstage brawls, so hopefully the backstage elements will feature in the Universe mode and as a match-type in Exhibition mode.  Also, how your character makes their journey through MyCareer, not only will match outcomes help determine your route, as well as interviews and Superstar interaction, but even your attire could help determine your rise to fame.

In terms of general gameplay improvements, 2K has stated that they are listening to what the fans are saying and using that as a basis for their improvements.  For example, everything from the controls to presentation will be tweaked.  And the core gameplay during matches will shift from “an arcade-centric, fighting game style to simulation-based gameplay,” and various other “new and improved gameplay mechanics.”  Improvements will also be made to fights taking place within the crowd, as well as responsiveness and animations while using equipment such as tables, ladders and chairs.  Taunts will also be improved and even a secondary submission system will be added.


The creation aspect of the game will also get an overhaul, with improvements being made to body parts such as hair (so hopefully now more dodgy hair-do’s from Triple H) and 2K promises a “massive set of customisation options.” New  additions are also promised to be introduced in the Create-a-Show feature, which will now include a Create-a-Victory feature (whatever that might be).  WWE 2K17 will also include a new Create-a-Video feature to create your very own highlight reels.  Finally, 2K has also stated that this year’s instalment will have a larger roster then last year.

As an added bonus, you can check out Finn Bálor’s entrance video below, which is inspired by his NXT Takeover: Dallas entrance wielding a chainsaw!  There is also a batch of new screenshots in this very article for you to enjoy.

WWE 2K17 will release for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on October 11th.