PlayStation VR Launch Titles – Part 1

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With PlayStation VR closing in to its release date of October 13th people that are contemplating picking up the headset will be wondering about one very important thing. “What games should I buy?” Never fear, because we’re here at PushStartPlay to provide you a bit more information about the launch titles in Europe to help you make up your mind. So, let’s get started.


100ft Robot Golf
Publisher: No Goblin | Developer: No Goblin | Genre: Arcade Sports


100ft Robot Golf looks and sounds ridiculous. You run around cities playing golf and causing destruction with, you guessed it, giant robots. Made by No Goblin, the developers behind the highly addictive Roundabout, the game definitely has the potential to be a fun one to play with friends or by yourself. The game actually releases October 10th, a few days before PSVR, and will be playable without the headset too.



Rise of the Tomb Raider: Blood Ties
Publisher: Square Enix | Developer: Crystal Dynamics | Genre: Action Adventure


Another game out prior to the release of the headset, Rise of the Tomb Raider: Blood Ties. It will be DLC for the upcoming PlayStation 4 release of Rise of the Tomb Raider, out October 11th, where you must explore Croft Manor to try and prove that you’re the rightful heir to the throne. Exploring Croft Manor was always a fun part of the PlayStation One Tomb Raider games and hopefully this DLC matches than fun. It has been compared by those that have played it as a Gone Home like experience, where you focus on exploring and reminiscing. Considering it is Lara Croft’s 20th anniversary it should be a fun nostalgia trip, although it will likely not be a standalone title.



Ace Banana
Publisher: TVR Time of Virtual Reality | Developer: TVR | Genre: Archery/Shooting Gallery

Move Compatible

Launch windows are always met with titles of varying quality. Ace Banana is one of them that looks to be on the lower end of the quality scale, by a developer set up entirely for VR it seems. TVR Time of Virtual Reality will pop up a few times in this list break down as they are planning to have a few titles out for launch. The games look like they could be fun and maybe Ace Banana plays better than it previews. Described as a multiplayer rogue like archery simulator you control some bow wielding bananas trying to keep some hungry monkeys at bay.



Batman Arkham VR
Publisher: Warner Bros | Developer: Rocksteady Studios | Genre: Action Adventure
Move Compatible

When it comes to VR experiences people want to feel like they’re someone cool. Someone they couldn’t be without a VR headset. Cue Batman Arkham VR. In the game you control Batman and swan around being a cool detective in a cape and whatnot. Not only is that, but the experience is only £15.99. That’s a small price to pay to let you pretend you’re one of the best detectives in fiction.



Publisher: Rebellion | Developer: Rebellion | Genre: Vehicular Combat


Battlezone is a tank based combat game that may sound familiar. That’s because it’s a reboot of the Battlezone that graced PC’s in the late 90s, this time developed by Rebellion. It has been one of the stand out games when demoed and seems to be quite an intense virtual reality experience with lots going on with it. If you’ve ever dreamed of driving around in a tank this could be the game for you. Check out the very intensive video below to find out more about the game.



The Brookhaven Experiment
Publisher: Phosphor Games Studio | Developer: Phosphor Games Studio | Genre: Horror


Released on the HTC Vive already The Brookhaven Experiment is the first horror game on the list but will not be the last. In it you explore an area where various monsters want you dead, because that’s what monsters do. The launch trailer isn’t great for it but the reactions from people that have played it on the Vive have been positive. Horror is definitely a genre that can thrive in virtual reality and hopefully The Brookhaven Experiment ends up as an important example of it done well on PlayStation VR.



Make sure to keep checking back on PushStartPlay for the continuation of the list. We will be covering every launch title before the launch of the PSVR, helping you get more of an insight in to what’s going on.



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