Vampyr Shows Off 15 Minutes of Pre-Alpha Gameplay

Posted August 29, 2016 by Brett Claxton in Gaming News, PS4, Trailer, Xbox One


Vampyr won’t be out until 2017, but DONTNOD want to make sure you don’t forget it. A new trailer has popped up online showing off 15 minutes of pre-alpha gameplay. In it we see the protagonist, Dr Jonathan Reid, coming to terms with his new found hatred of garlic and sunlight whilst also dealing with some bad guys and not so bad guys.

It’s looking very interesting even at this early stage. The choices in conversation and promise of everyone being a possible victim means there could be some very interesting playthroughs occurring. DONTNOD struck gold with Life is Strange last year and will be hoping to do the same when Vampyr launches in 2017. Hopefully they will. One thing is for sure judging from this footage though. They still haven’t fully figured out the lip sync issues they had in Life is Strange.

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