Little Hope and All of its Secrets Will be Unleashed This Halloween

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Posted October 16, 2020 by Kamil in Articles, Gaming News, News


We are now mere days away from launch of the highly anticipated second instalment of The Dark Pictures Anthology. As with no further delays, the second part/episode Little Hope is set to come to both consoles, and PC on the 30th of October – in exactly two weeks. And to get you ready for launch, Bandai Namco has released a bunch of information about all the extras which will come alongside the experience.

Just like Man of Medan, Little Hope will feature pictures, which will provide you with a brief look into the future. But just like in the original, the premonitions which the title will provide you with, will not always be accurate, and the most reasonable course of action, will not always be correct.

In addition to the above, Little Hope, will also feature a number of other collectibles such as comic books, art books, behind the scene footage, and interviews. The ‘interviews’ are quite vague, it is more than likely that those will include behind the scenes interviews with the developers, rather than post-credits interviews with the in-game characters.

Last, and definitely least, all who pre-order the upcoming instalment of The Dark Pictures Anthology, will also gain early access to the Curator’s Cut. And such will provide those who are willing to part with their money early, with additional scenes, extra playable characters with new choices and outcomes, as well as the cinematographic theatrical cut.

Little Hope, will make its way onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, on the 30th of October. And can be pre-ordered across all three digital storefronts, PlayStation Store, Xbox Live Marketplace, and Steam, for just under £25 – including the minor pre-order discount.