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reviewpolicy Review Policy

We use a metric scale from 1 to 10 with every number being usable and every increment being equal. Each of our reviews is carried out by an individual who can only view a game based on their own personal opinions. PushStartPlay does not decide what the score is for a title, the reviewer has full control of the score.

Our editors proof-read and approve all of our reviews before they are published. The opinions of each individual writer will be slightly different, we want you to be assured that each review that is published on PSP is the opinion of an individual.

We have listed below our grading system and how we at PSP review a game. We like things to be as easy as possible and for you the reader to understand how we review titles as easy as possible. The list below will hopefully explain our scale and what we mean by each rating.

  • 1/10 = Disgraceful.
  • 2/10 = Terrible.
  • 3/10 = Poor.
  • 4/10 = Below average.
  • 5/10 = Average.
  • 6/10 = Above average.
  • 7/10 = Good
  • 8/10 = Very good.
  • 9/10 = Excellent.
  • 10/10 = Outstanding.

We know that a majority of people will click a review just to see the score and they will not really understand the reasons behind why a writer has given that score. We strongly encourage that you read the whole body of the review as the review will explain the positives and negatives, which ultimately effects the score. It will give you a much better indication of how we feel about that product by reading our reviews.

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