Free God of War Ragnarok DLC out today

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Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

One of the best games to be released in recent years, God of War Ragnarok is getting free DLC this week as a thank you from developers Santa Monica Studio, and it’s out now!

The DLC entitled Valhalla takes place after the events of God of War Ragnarok’s main story and will be a roguelite mode which will see Kratos fight waves of deadly foes for epic rewards.

“In Valhalla, defeat in combat is not the end of a warrior’s spirit. If Kratos falls, he will reawaken outside the doors ready for the next try. During each attempt, you will learn and adapt to the challenges Valhalla has to offer,” reads a PlayStation Blog post. “The more you overcome, the more resources you’ll gain that can be put towards permanent upgrades that affect both Kratos and even Valhalla itself.”

It continues: “Kratos will have access to all his weapons and fully upgraded skill trees at all times, but must commit to a shield and path of Spartan Rage for each attempt. As you overcome the trials of Valhalla and explore its depths, you will make choices between temporary Glyphs for which Stats to upgrade, which Perks to select, which Runic Attacks to wield, and more. Each attempt can play out differently based on the rewards you choose, so keep your strategy in mind when making selections!”

God of War Ragnarok: Valhalla is released today as free DLC on the PS Store on Tuesday, 12 December for PS5 and PS4.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment